sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Ain't nothing like...**

She sat down.

Stopped for a moment and thought about everything.

Took a breath.

And smiled.

Because that was the place she was always ment to be.

That felt terribly good.

That was THE moment.

And she was living it.

And the drums, the drums, the drums, THE DRUMS!

domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011


This one goes for Japan.

All my strength, love and prayers go for the people who's lost someone, to those who are fighting to survive, to those who are fine but have seen all those terrible things.

You're all gonna make it. Sooner or later, but y'all will.

and F forever**

It all started with a question that included the worst word ever:

"What would you do if he told you he's in love with you?"

"If". I swear I would erase that word from each dictionary on the surface of planet Earth.

I answered, confident: I don't know. I can't even imagine that situation happening. Why are you asking that?

My beloved friend laughed. I didn't know what was all that about. In fact, that may have been the reason why everything you're about to read happened.

My friend was talking about one of my best friends. A "Dolby Surround Friend" as I call him. It's got its explanation, I'm not as freaky as I appear to be. A "D.S.F" is someone whose only presence in a room makes you feel confident and calm. Is someone you can hug or kiss without any explanation, someone who would stay with you for hours just listening. I upgrade my friends to that level when they surround me with one look.

So, I have known Jack for almost five years now. He's such a great guy. We rarely get tired of being together. In fact, we use to spend our summers together. That's why people think there's something between us. We have lots of things in common, but we don't love each other the Ross-Rachel way, we do it the Ross-Monica way. Like siblings. See, another thing in common. We love Friends.

Then, back to the question. I had never pictured how it would be kissing Jack. Never saw romantic love in his hugs. Thanks to the question friend, I was doing all that stuff. The worst part? I kinda liked it.

It was such a strong feeling that invaded me slowly the one that made me fail the exam we were doing after the Q-conversation I had. After that, I ran out of my school, hoping not to run into Jack. But, if there's something I know about my luck, that's it runs against me. I was walking down the street, when:

- Judy! Hey! Stop!

He had to tell me to stop because my body started walking faster when I heard his voice. I didn't stop. But he run faster. Then he caught me. I'd rather pull out my imaginary wings and fly away, but I realised then they were only available in my imagination. Crap.

- Hey you! I didn't see you coming! - I said. Then I thought that was the stupidest thing I'd ever said.

- Glad about that, otherwise you would have superpowers or something like that. And I'm not going to be the one to tell you that would be pretty scary, dear.

- Yes, I know that. That would be awesome anyway. - OK. This kinda things, he was used to hear them.

- If you say so...Listen, fancy coming this evening to Gladys'? I got nothing to do and I wanna go out

- Dude! Ain't Martha gonna get jealous? - Martha was his girlfriend. She wasn't quite confortable with the fact of Jack going out with me alone.

- Yeah, as if...that's why I wanna go out tonight...I dumped her.

WHAAAT!? Ok, let's see. This shouldn't feel this way. I can't believe it, they'd been going out for...wait for it...SEVEN YEARS. And now...single he is. And here I am. Is this linked with my other friend's question? Did he now anything? I gotta call him. GOTTA CALL HIM!!

- Wow! -I said, quite convincingly- What a pity! Meet you at Gladys' at 6 as usual?

- Sure. See you there then?

- Absolutely.

As he left he winked an eye to me and I felt my cheeks were on fire. What was happening to me? I ran to my place and grabbed the phone. I called my friend:

- Hello?

- You ass!! -we call each other that way because it came up once. We suppose it's funny. But that day I meant it indeed- Did you know about Martha and Jack breaking up?

- Err...I heard something, but they were rumours. Why are you asking this? You changed your opinion about Jack or what?

- NO WAY! I mean...I didn't know a thing! - Definately, shoud have never said that.

- OK. I'll help you, ass. Love ya!

He hung up.

I certainly didn't know what my friend understood. Otherwise, I would have never fallen asleep until 5.

I woke up and, when I looked in the mirror, I was wearing my favourite dress, heels and make up upon my face. Definately not what I would wear to grab a drink with Jack. Too dressed but too late to change clothes, got out my place and headed to the tube station.

Once I got to Gladys' I found out it was raining cats and dogs. Now Jake was definately going to laugh his way at me.

And there he was. He came to me and pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket:

- We need to talk.

And then I knew everything that happened that day was going to make sense at the end.

- What happened?

- You tell me.

Jack showed me a text. I could read what follows:

"Jacko, Judy told me she'd go out with you. She's dying to know if you love her. xoxo Brian!:)"

Smiley face?! REALLY!? How can you smile after writing this, ass!? Plus, my cheeks were burning again. In fact, my ears did as well. I just wanted to dissapear.

- So what's all this about? I didn't expect it at all.

- Look he misunderstood my words and he asked me things and...

- Stop it. I can't believe you were waiting for me to break up with Martha to do this. I'm leaving.

I was the one who couldn't believe what was going on. He was heading to the station when I couldn't help calling his name:

- Jack! Stop! Wait!

But he kept on walking. I started running towards him and, when he was about to walk down the stairs, I caught him and he turned around:

- I know this is not meant to be the way others want it to be. Brian made me imagine how it would be going out with you. And I liked it. But I believe our destiny doesn't follow that path. Think about it: we like the same stuff, we do things the same way, nobody understand us the way we do. And I'm so glad we met in such a magical way. Because it turned out to be magical. And that's what's really between us: magic. If we dared to take a step forward, everything would be perfect, because each one of us are perfect...

- Enough. This is over.

- I haven't finished.

Jack, who was about to leave, turned his way back again and listened again.

- But perfection and magic never got along. That's because boredom always gets in their way. I do never wanna lose you, Jack.

- So...you don't love me, right?

- In fact, I do. -In that moment, Jack was kinda about to die of impression. I hurried to end the sentence before that happened- Friends way.

- Gosh, you're gonna kill me someday.

- Yeah dear, with my superpowers.

- Great, but first of all, use them to buy me...

- Mint russki? - That was our favourite drink ever!

- You really do have superpowers!

- Told you.

And we finally headed to Gladys' - it was the best night ever.

By the way, the creepy Martha ended up going out with gossip Brian. Some call it Karma. I call it the magic of texting people with your drunk D.S.F. late at night. Delightful.

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