martes, 8 de mayo de 2012



It's candy what I'm looking for.

But then again, it appears.

It's that feeling running through my veins.

That rush.

That rush that makes every single part of my living body tremble.

Sometimes, that feeling's quite funny.

But I later realise that that's the kind of candy that has brought me to this miserable path I'm walking through right now.

So I turn around whenever you try to look into my eyes.

My eyes.

They're the main door to my soul.

Why on Earth would you want to come in when I've told you not to do it?

In fact, I'll always remember how I claimed you would never be important to me.

Don't start trippin'.

You are not, never were, never will.

Not that kind of important.

I'm just looking for candy.

I look for it because I'm just a girl, as the song sings.

I just wanna play.

That's the only way that damn rush can dissappear.

That's the only way I can fly and reach my original path.

The path I should have never left.

That's why. Let's play. Forever

Love me. But love me not.

It ain't that difficult.

Just make a move.

Just a girl - No Doubt
I won't say - Hercules OST

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